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‘Walls of Freedom’ is a powerful portrayal of the Egyptian Revolution, telling the story with striking images of art that turned Egypt’s walls into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance. It takes a closer look at the most influential artists who have made their iconic marks on the streets.…
Taking the words of the modern days voices to a new level, street artist Jay Shells has been hitting the pavements with messages from hip hop artists, sure to stand the test of time, whether in the street or framed in someones living room.

The very sad story of MAN

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How about a short animation by Steve Cutts that sums up humanity in under 5 minutes? We're not all so bad but it's well worth sharing for the sake of the little planet we live on. Go on, share it for the sake of a healthier, more conscious world, it…

Las Calles Hablan Review Featured

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Last night, instead of taking to the streets, the streets came to us as Mutuo Centre de Arte brought us Las Calles Hablan (The Streets Talk) exhibition. Packed with people, the space was buzzing from one side of the room to the other. The exhibition's theme was of course street…

Destino: Dalí + Disney

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  {tab=English} Salvador Dalí collaborated with Disney studios script-writer John Hench between 1945 and 1946 to make the short-film Destino. The short-film was left unfinished due to financial problems. In 1999, Walt Disney's nephew, Roy E. Disney picked up the project again, which was then released in 2003. The graphics…

Arty music video: Breakbot - Baby, I'm Yours

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Breakbot's music video to "Baby, I'm yours" that in 2010 was nominated for "Best animations in video" and "Best budget pop/dance/urban video" during the UK Music Video Awards. Pretty awesome I think.  Breakbot is coming to Barcelona to deliver a dj-set at Razzmatazz the 27th of October, be sure to pay it a…
SAINER (ETAM CREW) / URBAN FORMS GALLERY from Urban Forms Foundation on Vimeo. artist: SAINER (ETAM CREW) - etamcru.com address: ul.Uniwersytecka 12, Lodz (Poland) MORE PHOTOS: facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.417119684977093.94985.175818569107207&type=3 MORE INFO: urbanforms.org

Wig from own hair prank by Jozaeh

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A very creative and funny project by filmmaker, photographer and artist Jozaeh from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In where he makes a wig from his own hair and takes it off in the middle of filming the video with friends and family to see their reactions. This will definitely put a…

Fascinating 3D Mario Chalk Art

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By artist Chris Carlson & Photographer Mike Larremore

sOccket - kicking life back into communities

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sOccket by Uncharted PlayThis is an incredibly simple idea that should be established everywhere where there's football (so... everywhere). The intention behind the sOccket is to provide electricity to those who don't have it through the concept of 'Innovate, Play, Empower', and to be able to permeate across different socio-economic…

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The Smells of Barcelona

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The Smells of Barcelona is the first exhibition from Naveso as an artist, which is currently being exhibited in the Setba Foundation in Plaça Reial.Lo...

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I saw “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” last Sunday, performed by ETGB (English Theatre Group Barcelona*). But I won’t build up to a final diagnosis of go...

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Ecoology - Sustainable Clothing based in Barcelona

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Businesses driven purely by a high standard of ethics are rare, but Ecoology, a Barcelona-based ecological clothing company, is one such business. E...

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GATEKEEPERS AND SECRET LEAKERS: 'Mediastan' - A Wikileaks Road Movie


  MEDIASTAN is an antidote to Hollywood's version of the Wikileaks story. It was released this month strategically alongside The Fifth Estate,...

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Diggin’ The Dream: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton (This Is Stones Throw Records)

Diggin’ The Dream: …

   "This was always kind of a dream in the back of my mind. Like in high school when they'd have you write what do you want to do when yo...

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   "My job is a sum of my passions," and not many people can say that. For Diego Yriarte, though (photographer, sailor and journalist) th...

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