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Underwater Photography by Enric Adrian

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You know that feeling when your underwater, don't you? The muffled sounds of the radio perhaps, that funny old noise that bubbles make, that strange effect that it has on the sound of your voice, the feeling of freedom although completely immersed in liquid, the curious nature of swimming, especially…

Festa Major de Gracia through Lomo eyes

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In the early summer months, the buzz of the Gracia festival spreads fast. Though this humble neighborhood of Barcelona obviously does not like to boast, during Festa Major de Gracia, it lets its wild side burst through the tranquil grounds, and out blossoms: Gracia.

Claude Nori @ Galería Valid Photo

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Claude Nori, a french photographer from Toulouse, displays his photography in Valid Photo Gallery, until the 10th of September, two of his best known work: "Stromboli" and "Les Désirs sont déjà des souvenirs". Beside exploring photography, he is founded „Contrejourl“, in Paris, in 1974,  a newspaper, an editing house, and a gallery. Claude Nori enabled many photographers to publish their books.…

Jan von Holleben: Brings back childhood dreams

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Known for his "Dreams of Flying" series, photographer Jan von Holleben’s world is playful, fun and impossibly inventive. Based in Germany, Holleben transform the ordinary into something out of a picture book. His work is simple magical and reminds me of childhood dreams. “There were nine screaming, happy, candy-eating kids…

Greta Larkins: Fashion in another dimension

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27 year-old fashion forecaster, Greta Larkins, residing in Melbourne Australia is a self-taught image-alterer who credits her GIFs with helping cultivate her trend-forecasting skills and her ability to really get into the head of a designer. "I was staring at the still images all the time for trend reports. Initially…

The raw beauty within the works of Gonzalo Bénard

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"I would like to think that I have a more human psyche, as human being. Human is form, Being is formless. Being male is just a form of being human. One of them. And what I do is exactly that, behave more as a human psyche, a bit breaking the…

Made from Japan, 'Fresh Love' comes from packaging by HAL

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" I go to Kabukicho in Shinjuku, underground bars in Shibuya and many other places which are full of activity like luscious night time bee-hives. When I see a couple of interest I will begin to negotiate. I’m sure that many people initially think of my proposal as unusual or…

Cinemagraph: Eccentric photographs in motion

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Jamie Beck, a New York City based photographer, in collaboration with Kevin Burg, a web designer with a background in video and motion graphics, has elevated the art of animated GIFs. Beck and Burg named the process "Cinemagraphs" for their cinematic quality while maintaining at its soul the principles of traditional photography. 

The sinister realm of Rai Escalé

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“Since I remember I always have done portraits, strange portraits; but lately I have discovered my ability to live inside the surrealistic game of being able to permanently seek and find (and then put in paper) images laying hidden under those hundreds of random images that we come across every…

The floating people of Denis Darzacq

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© all images by Denis Darzacq French photographer Denis Darzacq born in Paris in 1961, explores the idea of the body in levitation, using straight photography and no Photoshop manipulation involved in these pictures in action. Darzacq's images offer a sharp juxtaposition, as sublime, almost-spiritual bodies float within that epitome…

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