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Long Live Analogue! Lomography Interview

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Interview at the Lomography Gallery Store BarcelonaNestled into the historic neighbourhood of El Borne, which has developed from an industrial fishing quarter into a labyrinth of charming cafes and boutiques, the Lomography BCN gallery store has been providing for the city's analogue-needs since 2004, whether that be simply giving browsers…

The Art Nomads of Barcelona - Estudio Nómada

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Artists are often lazily described as ‘ahead of their time’, as people at the progressive vanguard of humanity who possess the vision to see far into the future. This phrase has always had the capacity to irritate. Artists are of course not seeing the future, merely interpreting the world around…

Sun Glasses for Kings and Queens from Mister Spex

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The reign of Louis XIV in France was remarkable for many things, spanning seventy years it was the longest in European history, included numerous victories on the battlefield, notably in the Anglo-Dutch war, the building of the Paris observatory and the completion of the world famous Louvre museum. He is…

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