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Interview: Humans as Animals

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We bring you Humans as Animals, a band hailing from Melbourne, Australia that play in an indie/alternative rock format and put on one hell of a live show. Playing gigs around Melbourne with that special chemistry needed to produce an enjoyable, honest, live performance and leave the audience wanting more. We caught up with a few of the band members at their resident wednesday night gig at The Espy, one of Melbourne's most iconic live music venues and got to know a bit more of what Humans as Animals are all about...

Keeping an original sound and identity is important, "If we play something we think has been done before we stamp it out pretty quick. We don't want to write a piece of music that we know is going to do well because someone has done it already. We have a bit of issue finding bands that would be good to play with, find it hard to fit into a specific scene." The ability to play well and write music isn't everything, "We thought that becoming musicians we'll just play heaps of music, and it'll be good but you know, if you can't communicate this point to other people you'll be playing in your bedroom for the rest of your life." All members contribute to writing of the music, living and spending time together helps to bring a cohesive sound to their performances. Nick the lead singer comments on interpereting the lyrics, "I don't find it hard to sing something that someone else has written, because I know them. The difficult part is doing it justice. For the musical part you play a guitar part or you play a drum part, you just gotta get into the flow of it , but with the lyrics you are explaining the songs."

The band uses conceptual perfomance and creative aspects including visuals to engage the audience during live performances. Bilack, a monstrous rock-opera circa the days of Pink Floyd is the bands' first foray into conceptual artistry and collaboration of music and visuals. The theme is fairly loose to be interpreted by listeners and is designed so that even those who are not huge fans of the band can connect with the music. Bilack grew from music that the group really liked and was recorded at home. "Collaboration with as many people, as many artists as possible is important. To see (our music) from not just an oral perspective...We work with sounds and it's great to see someone try to add visuals to it."

They put on a great show, "We have a tendency to get loose when we play...some of the nights we've had fantastic gigs may not have been the best gig, it depends what side you're looking at." Playing gigs at festivals near Melbourne and at various venues around the city. " Melbourne is a great city full of opportunity to play if you're starting off and getting used to the feel of playing live." Coming up in the immediate future for the band is more shows around Australia as well as recording a new EP. "We've started demoing, stuff we've already done to get people hearing what we're doing, songs we would do live." You can already listen to recordings of their live performances on soundcloud and their website and if you happen to be in Melbourne make sure to get out to a live gig! 

 Website: www.humansasanimals.com



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