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Bibbe Hansen - at the inauguration of Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats.


"I wasn't a rich society matron, an important celebrated public figure or a hot glamorous movie star, I was a kid, thirteen, fourteen years old and Andy was wonderful to me. He was kind and he was accepting. That meant all the world to me then, and now. -- Bibbe Hansen on Andy Warhol"

Bibbe Hansen (1953) performer and artist from New York, daughter of Fluxus artist Al Hansen and bohemian poet/dancer Audrey Ostlin Hansen. Bibbe's son is the well-known musician Beck. She also appears in the Andy Warhol film Prison and Jonas Mekas avangarde movies. 

She will be a special guest, invited for the inauguration event at the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats in the Sant Adria de Besos distinct in Barcelona. The event starts this Sunday 29th of September at 6pm until 3am with Bibbe's performance that will start at 6:30pm at the ground floor of the building. The industrial complex "Fabra i Coats" was a textile spinning factory from XXth century. The fabric's main space was build between 1910 and 1920. The fabric's structure is made of brick pillars and beams of laminated profiles which gives it a typical English character. Bibbe Hansen who was a frequent visitor of Andy Warhol's Factory (the name of Warhol's art studio in New York that provided a social space for collaborative experimentation that spanned the worlds of poetry, fashion, film, photography, art, music, and the drug culture) part of the avant-garde scene of the American culture, which will be a great and strong reason for attending this upcoming event. 


What's more...almost 4,500 m2 spread out through four floors will be filled by different kind of art. For eight hours this amazing space becomes the center of cultural activities and social exchange. Concerts, expositions, films, visuals, experimental music, DJs and VJs, installations, murals and participatory actions will take place simultaneously in several areas, in which the crowd can move freely constructing their itinerary and their particular experience. There will more than 100 participating artists who will be offering on different floors  unique branches of activities.

Jorge-Rodriguez-Gerada111Mural made by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

List of artists: 

Bibbe Hansen, Evripidis and His Tragedies, Arbol, Territorio Comanche, Lydia Lunch + Cypress Grove + Elise Passavant, Crapulesque, Feral is Kinky, Observer, DJ Wealth, Antigua i Barbuda, Joan Morey, Carmelo Salazar, Rai Escalé, Fran Meana, Enrique Muda, Socatoba, Borja Alexandre, Queralt Antú, Angie Bonino, Xavier Gavin, Xavi Hurtado, Colectivo Le Virage, Francesca Llopis, Gerard Ortín, Esther Planas, Jesús Ramos, Mapi Rivera, Avelino Sala, Toni Serra*)Abu Ali, Ricardo Trigo, Ruben Verdu, Alejandro Vidal, Nico Baixas, Guillermo Hernaiz – DJ Dr. Love, DJ C.C Crack aka Samantha Gibson, Logical Disorder + Daniel Pérez, Fito Conesa VJ, Lolo + Sosaku, Jaume Ferrete, Ania Nowak, L'Eix, Bèstia Ferida, Riot Über Alles, Joan Martí Ortega, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, Zosen + Mina Hamada, La Central del Circ, Marçal Font + Dani Orviz, Miguel Noguera, Cristina Blanco, Jordi Oriol, Ajo + Judit Farrés, Pere Faura, Diana Junyent Torres, Carles Congost, Jose Begega aka Astroboi, Maria Cosmes, Jordi Ferreiro, L'Automàtica, Mariokissme, Post Op + D-sex3, Rita Rodriguez, Luis Jaume, Nuria Legarda, Ilia Mayer, Xavi Muñoz, Les Salonnières, R. Marcos Mota, Iglor, Insectotròpics, L'Ull Cec, Konic THTR, Chuso Ordi, Taller de Ideas, Lefreak, Nyamnyam, Sweet 180º.

C/ Sant Adrià, 20
08030 Barcelona
Metro: Sant Andreu (L1)
Autobus: 11, 35, 40, 73, B20 i N9

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