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Bollywood Cabaret at La Folie Condal

It’s 2013 and on February 9th the cabaret at La Folie Condal returns in all its glory. The performers will be kicking off the year with a spectacular Bollywood-themed extravaganza that promises to blow your bindis clean away!

The show starts at 8pm but the doors open at the earlier time of 6:30 (for reasons that will soon become apparent) at the usual place; that’s C/Corretger 5 for the uninitiated – and, really, there’s no good reason why any of you should be uninitiated by now. Expect a night of authentic cabaret variety, a veritable mango chutney of delights, spiced with music, dance, love, laughter, tragedy, salvation and, of course, romance – all of those wonderful Bollywood flavours in fact.

You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want, but it’s so much more fun if you do, especially as this time around there will be a make-up artist on standby for any audience members who want to feel like they really are in a Bollywood film – hence the earlier opening hour… Bollywood beauty takes time my lovelies.

Entry is 5E, an insanely cheap price for such a great evening. In fact, you’d be madras to miss it. So, cumin and have a fabulous time. You’ll be sari if you don’t!

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