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How it all began...


top-image-july-finarc-de-triomfRelevant BCN started in 2009 as a project which aimed to bring to light the best in Barcelona's art scene. We have continued to do so by connecting with and informing the public residing in or passing though Barcelona about the rich and varied culture on offer in the city.

T H E   M A G A Z I N E
The first project and foundation of the company consisted of a free bilingual 84 page magazine, supported by local businesses (clothing brands, restaurants, bars, clubs, music labels and artists from Barcelona) looking to promote and expand their reach to the public.

Clockwise from top: the Relevant BCN office; Primavera Sound at Arc de Triomf; Relevant meets Run DMC
btoychiringuito-food2T H E   M O V E
The relevant brand was further publicised by monthly events and special editions, organised by a team of dedicated, passionate and driven employees. The magazine thrived and was read by a large majority of the Barcelona public, young and old alike. In 2010 the printed magazine was converted to an online portal due to a high demand for online presence and a need to reach a wider audience.

With this welcome and somewhat more sustainable approach to publicising, we noticed that our fan base not only grew but that we were also able to start exploring other possibilities which opened up new doors for business.

The Relevant Chiringuito, our own Relevant BCN branded beach bar at Playa Mar Bella, opened in the summer of 2010 and stands not only as a great beach bar serving up the best in beach music/food and cocktails from March to November, but also expresses the magazines interests in physical form. Today it still acts as a reference and meeting point for all those who share the interest of arts and culture in Barcelona.

Clockwise from left: the Relevant Chiringuito; BTOY's art for Relevant; the Egg Box radio

T H E   E G G   B O X
Added to this for good measure at the beginning of 2012 is the EGG BOX, our own online radio/TV streaming service and broadcasting station that hosts the best of Barcelona's musical talent. The station can be located online and on modern mobile devices too, and we will certainly be playing it at the beach bar this summer.


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