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Old Testes

You know, it occurs to me that a lot of Christians, well, they’re not really Christians, are they? At least, not the ones who tend to scream and shout about it; not the ones who hate homosexuals; not the ones who demand that you live according to their precepts; not the ones who, against all logic, call themselves soldiers of Christ. For these kinds of Christians, it would appear that the words of the man himself are the very last words they would ever care to listen to, let alone put into practice.

Love and forgiveness, these are alien concepts to the radical Christian. Never mind that this is what Jesus actually preached. Can you really picture Jesus saying, ‘you know what, you’re right, those guys are nasty… go and kill them in my name’? Can you really see him turning meaningfully towards a dust storm in the distance and saying ‘the cheek’s no longer for turning’? Of course not, because he wouldn’t.

People who shout about sin one minute, while whooping for war the next are the poor confused souls of this world. God’s gift to man was free will, the means to choose to make of your life what you will, with judgment left up to Him, AFTER YOU DIE… if that’s what you supposedly subscribe to. To tell people how to live their lives, to punish and attack them for having different views, this is the ultimate blasphemy, as it contravenes God’s greatest gift.

Jesus opened his arms to everyone. He was all about love, love, love. Not conditional love; but love for all. Even an atheist like me can go with an inclusive philosophy like that. However, anyone calling themselves a Christian who does not spread that message and truly live by it… well, to reiterate, that person is NOT a Christian. They are, in fact, Old Testament fire and brimstone nuts; followers of a vengeful, petty, jealous, paranoid, love-me-and-only-me God. You may as well call for the return of ritual human sacrifice.

So, since these people are nuts, and only spout balls, I think it’s high time we started referring to them not as Christians but instead as Old Testes.

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