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Afghan Dispatch # 3

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Why the truth – or the Taliban’s folkloric interpretation of it – can sometimes be stranger than fiction. As told – with minor embellishments - to our man in the 'stan Miles Amoore by a Taliban commander in Kandahar... Months of intensive training inside a Pakistani madrassa all boiled down…

Afghan Dispatch # 2 - Balls out in Kandahar

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Someone needs to have a serious word with the makers of the American army’s combat uniforms. In Kandahar, where I spent a month patrolling through grape fields with American soldiers as they fought the Taliban, it was common to see soldiers walking around with their genitals swinging in the wind.…

Happy Birthday Tony

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In the shimmering burnt orange landscape of the Nevada desert, a lone car speeds across the sand, trailing behind it a winding snake of violently shifting dust. The horizon offers no clue to the vehicle’s destination; everywhere is barren and empty. A deep subterranean rumble and the muffled yet audible clank of some giant…

As Long As There’s Just Two Of You

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As the city clock struck midnight, I made my way towards an 'Once' booth near the centre. You know those boxes, where they sell lottery tickets. I can't tell you which one because you see, this was no ordinary once booth. You cannot enter unless you have a key. The…

Papa Tone

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THE FOLLOWING TRANSMISSION FELL THROUGH A RIP IN THE FABRIC OF TIME AND SPACE LAST TUESDAY...Things looked like they’d been going bad for a while, but it wasn’t until the Vatican anointed Tony Blair as the new Pope (taking the Papal name Innocent IX, but asking all to call him…

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Same as 2013, we close the year with a Christmas present in the shape of a spectacular mix. This time, marking the 12th Edition of The Egg Box Po...

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MiRA BCN 2014: Fabra i Coats

MiRA BCN 2014: Fabr…

For the first time we covered one of Barcelona's most interesting festivals: the 4th edition of MiRA. Bigger and better than ever but still cutting ...

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It is with great pleasure that we present this complete interview with Christopher Leary, better known as Ochre. Who's performing for the first time...

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EGG BOX 011: Parks …

Welcome the 11th Egg Box Podcast. This time we decided to invite Parks again, with a special request: it has to be with Norge, his son, and it has to ...

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Lawrence English is a multifacetic artist. A major exponent of the wave of Australian talents calling the world's attention.  Lawrence English...

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Morning Gloryville Barcelona- Rave your way into the day!

Morning Gloryville …

Evolution, fun and love, are the three words that Charo and Franckie describe their unique and popular event. During a number of months they were thin...

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